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When someone returns to drug use after a period of stable recovery, this is described as a relapse. It is important to understand that addiction is a chronic disease, and even people who have conquered drug or alcohol addiction still can face an ongoing risk of relapse. PA Drug Rehab Philadelphia is here to try to reduce this risk and we pride ourselves in making a strong emphasis on relapse prevention. It is a misguided conception that a one-time slip will lead to a full blown relapse: a return to abusing substances is often a slow, gradual process and will develop over a period of time. There are a series of important warning signs that go along with this process, the main one being that relapse prevention involves educating yourself to recognize these signs and taking proficient action. By developing a relapse prevention plan, patients can stay on the right track once they have left treatment.

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Signs of Relapse

It is important to understand detecting early signs of relapse and how to prevent it. At PA Drug Rehab Philadelphia, we offer programs that get the patient involved in counseling sessions, allowing them to break free of their old habits and surround themselves with new acquaintances. The activities help them to focus on other positive things without breaking into temptation, thus allowing them to sustain a healthy and endearing outlook. If someone in recovery ceases to focus on these new activities and friendships, they can quickly fall back into drug abuse.

There are many early warning signs that relapse is near. They include:

  • Connecting with old friends from your addiction days
  • Discussing the past and how you used to abuse drugs
  • Admitting you could use again without becoming dependent
  • Always feeling stressed
  • Feelings of isolation and depression
  • Skipping meetings and ignoring your support groups

Don’t Fall into Temptation

If you’re weary about falling back into old habits, take action and conjure up a plan during treatment that will help you along with your recovery. Try new activities, like working out, hiking or hobbies you enjoy. It will help you create a new start that does not involve drugs or alcohol but can still give you the same feeling of wellbeing and completion. These tactics are good ways to prevent a relapse, though experts agree it takes more than just finding new activities. You should avoid bars and clubs, because these environments will pressure you to drink. You should also stay clear of old friends or associates who still abuse drugs and alcohol. It may sound silly now, but even after you leave treatment you are still vulnerable if you put yourself back into familiar territories. Focus your energies on new beginnings, fresh outlooks and decisions that will benefit you emotionally as well as physically. PA Drug Rehab Philadelphia can do this for you and so much more.

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